Stefan Thorwesten


Hello dear guest, welcome to me!

I was born in 1968 in Munich, Germany, and play the piano a lot - I started at 10, including composition of contemporary music. When I found my own style in 1985, tonal layering has always been an integral part of my work, mainly for piano, but also chamber music and organ works. Professionally, I have been active in the sales department of a software company for many years. My other hobbies include mountain biking, traveling and motorcycling. In 2014 my creative streak led to the publication of a children's book with sarcastic content: "Adventure at the kitchen stove", ISBN 978-3831617852. At MusicaNeo, I offer music notes of my six variations for piano four hands composed in 2017. There music lovers will find a successful mixture of the tight fugue theme from J. S. Bach's Well-Tempered Piano with my personal style and its encounter with elements of impressionism, waltz and blues. Ambitious pianists play it solo!